A food recommendation app for indecisive groups of friends about where and what to eat.

Suibian is a food recommendation app for indecisive groups of friend about where and what to eat. This app was made by a group of six people (including me) in the span of a week for our CZ2006 Software Engineering college course. The word “Suibian” is a Singlish term for “anyhow/anything”.

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How it works

First, a host goes to the website and creates a room. They will be asked to put in a location or use their current location. This location is where the group of friend wants to meet up to have a meal, allowing our app to give localized food suggestions based on the food available in that general area.

After creating the room, the host shares the room code with their friends, allowing them to join the room. When everyone has joined, the host starts the room and the voting begins.

Participants are shown pictures of popular food available around the area that the host had selected. They may either vote to “tick” or “cross” the food, which corresponds to whether they like or dislike the food respectively.

After the voting or the countdown ends, the votes from all participants are aggregated and the most highly voted foods are displayed, along with where they can be found as well as how to get there. Remove indecisiveness, and gamify group choice. Suibian eat!